Desafio: As maiores epidemias no cinema!

A título de curiosidade, aqui fica uma lista, compilada pela, dos 13 filmes cujas histórias giram à volta dos vírus mais letais que passaram pelo grande ecrã!

Não Concordam com a lista?

Aqui vai então o desafio que o correio propõe: utilizem a caixa de comentários para dar a conhecer a vossa própria lista das maiores treze epidemias que passaram no cinema!

Ficaremos à espera de uma boa participação da vossa parte!!!

Andromeda Strain

Name: Andromeda Strain
Symptoms: Suicidal tendencies, blood turns into powder.
Cause of Outbreak: When a U.S. satellite crashes in a rural town, a deadly disease wipes out nearly all the inhabitants.
Response: The government puts our tax dollars to good use by sending a group of scientists into a secret, multi-billion dollar lab to find the cure. But then again you don’t actually think they spend “$20,000 on a hammer, $30,000 on a toilet seat do you?” (Thanks to Julius Levinson fromIndependence Day for that reminder.)

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Name of Disease: T-Virus
Symptoms: Practically immortal, ability to mutate, strong desire to kill and infect others.
Causes of Outbreak: Having broken free from the underground Hive, the zombies are free to spread their sickness all over town.
Response: When a city is overrun with contagious zombies, the only real solution is to nuke the whole place. That’s a last resort, of course. The Umbrella Corporation tried the logical first step of unleashing more rampaging mutants into the world to try and combat the undead hordes. They must have been out of Tamiflu.

28 Days Later

Name of Disease: Rage
Symptoms: Extreme aggression.
Cause of Outbreak: Lab chimps are granted their freedom from captivity in a science lab and repay the good deed by rapidly spreading a deadly infection.
Response: It takes the government 15 days to try and get the affected area under control. If this were to happen in real life, Kanye West would have been on TV claiming that “the president doesn’t care about sick people.” Then his eyes would turn black and he would run down some uninfected people and have them for dinner.


Name of Disease: Motaba virus
Symptoms: Hemorrhagic fever, extreme sweating, soars appear on your body.
Cause of Outbreak: This time it’s a small monkey and Dr. McDreamy that start a chain reaction of infection.
Response: At first, the government tries to be helpful, sending doctors and scientists to try and get thing in order. When everything falls apart they start considering the bomb.

I Am Legend

Name of Disease: Krippin Virus or KV
Symptoms: Early signs of rabies, increased aggression, pale skin and burning of the skin when exposed to sunlight.
Cause of Outbreak: A Scientist’s cure for cancer turns into the vampire-like virus.
Response: The President orders New York City to be sealed off, and Will Smith is left to find a cure before isolation causes him to lose hope and his sanity.

Twelve Monkeys

Name of Disease: Unnamed
Symptoms: Inability to breath on the surface of the planet.
Cause of Outbreak: A terrorist group releases a virus that contaminates the earth.
Response: The government moves the population underground and starts sending convicts back in time to try and find the cure. Something tells us this isn’t one of the smartest ideas our government has had.

Cabin Fever

Name of Disease: Necrotizing Fasciitis
Symptoms: Tissue becomes swollen and diarrhea and vomiting ensue.
Cause of Outbreak: Horny college students catch all kinds of things when you put them together in a cabin in the woods. This time, it happens to be a disease that eats their skin.
Response: The sheriff, doctor, and the rest of the locals don’t offer much help, mainly because they’re all in-bred yokels. We’ll bet these folks would have a killer home remedy for swine flu that involves whiskey and possibly fire.

Mission Impossible II

Name of Disease: Chimera
Symptoms: Hemorrhaging and death 24 hours after the infection.
Cause of Outbreak: A pharmaceutical company creates a bioweapon named “Chimera” so they can sell the antidote and make a lot of money.
Response: Who needs an army or doctors when you have Tom Cruise, his crew of science-defying super agents, and lots of doves flying in slow motion?

Dawn of the Dead (Or any of Romero’s …of the Dead movies)

Name of Disease: Unnamed
Symptoms: Zombie hunger to eat your fellow humans.
Cause of Outbreak: An unknown plague sweeps across the country and turns humans into zombies.
Response: Roving bands of survivors move from place to place trying to find locations not swarming with walking stiffs. Oh, and don’t look to the military for help. They’re just as likely to kill you as the zombies.


Name of Disease: Unnamed
Symptoms: Superhuman strength, invulnerability to disease, and the ability to regenerate.
Cause of Outbreak: A 24th chromosome turns people into humanoid monsters with horrible table manners.
Response: Give Duane “The Rock” Johnson a BFG and there isn’t much he can’t handle. At least that’s what the government thought.


Name of Disease: Unnamed
Symptoms: Indigestion and extreme flatulence.
Cause of Outbreak: An alien plague infects a group of friends with “shit weasels” that explode out of the infected person’s anus.
Response: Again, the government would prefer to bomb the population of infected civilians into a fine mist rather than letting the rest of the world get the bug. We support their decision in this case.


Name of Disease: Blindness
Symptoms: Lack of vision … aka BLINDNESS.
Cause of Outbreak: Huge numbers of people are inexplicably stricken with a complete inability to see.
Response: Despite the fed’s best efforts to quarantine the afflicted, it spreads at will, bringing with it suffering and poignant social commentary. Unfortunately, box office numbers suggest movie-goers weren’t eager to see this one.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Name of Disease: Omega virus
Symptoms: Inability to procreate.
Cause of Outbreak: A group of woman are brainwashed and ordered to release a plague that will cause infertility faster than sitting on a microwave while talking on your cell phone.
Response: MI6 sends in James Bond to do the dirty work, even though he probably wouldn’t mind being struck with that disease himself.

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2 respostas a Desafio: As maiores epidemias no cinema!

  1. Olá, concordo com um ou outro filme, mas num geral está muito fraquinha. Logo que possa exponho aqui a minha.

  2. there are German TV series of Babylon5, Law and Order and many more and every day there are more, of course, all for free

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